Gutter Guard Installation


As a homeowner in Brevard County, you need to be diligent in making sure your gutters are well protected. Neglecting important areas of your home such as roofing can lead to damages that will end up costing you in repair and replacement bills. This is why we suggest Gutter Guard Installation Melbourne FL.

Gutter guards are a mesh covering for the gutters and downspouts. They let water in but keep leaves out. We use a light but durable guard with a few added benefits that helps to filter out debris and allow water to pass through while keep your home beautiful unlike the other unsightly gutter guards that attach to the roof of your house. Clogged gutters can cause several problems for a home. Water that’s left to set can leak in through ceilings or run over the edges of the gutters. A water overflow can accumulate in windows wells, around the foundation and at the edges of the basement. Clogged gutters are one of the top causes of flooded basements and damaged foundations. Setting water can also leave wood rot, mold, and mildew. These types of damage can all decrease the value of a home. All of these problem could be avoided with properly installed gutter guards for your home.

Also, if you are not diligent about home improvement you may find your insurance company will not cover certain damages since it can be determined by an adjuster that you did not take the proper steps to keep up to date on repairs. Gutters are extremely important to the structural integrity of your home and if you want to avoid clogs, consider hiring experienced, well-trained contractors to install high quality gutter guards to your home.

Gutter Guard Types

PVC Gutter Guards are easy to install, very inexpensive, and are strong enough to not collapse under small amounts of wet leaves. Since these gutter guards are made to be inexpensive, they don’t stand up well to high winds, large branches and twigs, and can warp or become brittle in the hot Florida weather.

Perforated Aluminum Gutter Guards are an affordable option that is the most common option for homes. They are more difficult to install than the PVC option because they do need to be attached to the fascia with fasteners. Aluminum maintains its appearance and won’t rust. Many believe this type offers the best value of any gutter guard. One downside to aluminum gutter guards is that products that are installed with fasteners make it difficult to clean the gutters when fine debris and seeds eventually get into them.

Steel Screen Gutter Guards are another common option for homes in Florida because of their strength in high speed winds and during storms. These have the same downside as aluminum guards that they are installed with fasteners and can be difficult to clean. Another thing to consider when going with this option is to make sure they are powder coated. The powder coated option highly reduces the chance of these guards rusting and helps improve their durability against heavier twigs and branches.

Gutter guards overall reduce any maintenance you have to perform on your gutters and home. In addition, gutter guards actually stop mice and insects from infesting your gutters. This contributes to the minimization of stagnant water sitting in the gutters, by making sure that these pests cannot enter. Gutter guards help alleviate ice dams and gutter freezing as well, during the winter times. In relation, their installation improves the water flow through gutters. They overall prevent clogging from occur, and this is a great benefit especially if you have rainwater tanks. They will refill more quickly has it rains and it will ensure that the water is filtered and clean. 

Benefits Of Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter guard installation will keep you from tackling what could be a risky operation. Even so, not everybody understands the benefits of gutter guard installation. Most homeowners are left scratching their heads wondering, "Do I need gutter guards?" A number of different styles of gutter guards are available on the market. Some are made of plastic, pvc, brass, steel and even copper. Gutter guards are built to protect debris and leaves from reaching the gutter, where the downspouts, gutter, and sewer drains can be blocked. 

Gutter guards can significantly minimize the amount of work you need to carry out at home. 


Gutter guards avoid the buildup of debris and leaves in the gutters, which obstruct the channel. When you don't have gutter guards, you'll probably have to sweep the gutters or have a professional sweep them out. That needs time and resources in either case. 

With gutter guards, some debris would eventually pile up on the gutter guards roof. But gutter guards are much easier to clean than scraping into clogged gutters to scrape twigs, nuts, leaves, and dirt by the handful. 

Avoid Infestations 

Do you know that one of the key benefits of gutter guard installation is that they can avoid rodents and vermin such as bats, squirrels, rats, mice, mosquitoes and spiders from nesting in your gutters? Gutter guards should reduce the amount of water that is trapped in the gutters. 

Standing water can lead to the use of gutters as a nesting ground for bats, vermin and insects. Gutter guards act as a protective deterrent against possums, rats, and rodents. 

Prevention of Premature Erosion

The guards are designed to avoid the buildup of leaves, pine needles and other pollutants in your gutters. As a result, gutter guards with rust and corrosion protection will help prolong the life of your gutters.

Minimize Blockages

If your gutters leak during heavy rain cycles, they can be clogged or blocked. Overflowing gutters are dangerous because this can allow water to harm your base or allow water to invade your house. In fact, gutters that leak may also create the unsightly stains on your home's exterior.

How does it enable fire protection though? During a fire, dry leaves and debris can quickly ignite the fire and cause more damage. With the guards causing a lack of leaves and debris to build up, a possible fire can die down quickly. Also, certain types of gutter guards may even act as a physical barrier for your house, against fires. Not only does gutter guards stop blockages, but they also prevent premature rust and corrosion from occurring on and inside your gutters. Over time, when wet leaves and debris sit in the gutters, they have the chance of causing rust and corrosion to form in your gutters. Since gutter guards are designed to stop any of these type of buildups, their installation can actually assist with extending gutter life duration. 

Installing your own gutter guards may sound like an inexpensive way to save costs, but the reality is that it is best that professional, experienced contractors installed gutter guards for you. You will save time and the headache and allow the professional at Endless Gutters to install your Gutter Guards. At Endless Gutters, we provide Gutter Guard Installation Melbourne FL, Palm Bay FL & all of Brevard County. For your free estimate, contact us today at (321) 265-2345! 

All of our products are thoroughly researched and tested to assure that your gutters will function as well as its color for years to come. Our attention to detail may be overlooked by out competitors, simple things like the type of caulking used may lead to leaks down the road. We use high quality caulking backed by an industry leading lifetime guarantee against cracking and crumbling which leaves gaps for water to escape. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We will do our best to provide our customers with the best service and maintenance possible. 

Gutter Guard Installation Melbourne FL

Gutter Guard Installation Melbourne FL