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Should You Collect Rain Water?

Gutter overflowing with rain water.

Rain is commonplace in our wonderful state. It’s time to take a more economical look at rainwater and what it could do for you. You can get a downspout installed to your gutters and move that rainwater out of the way, but is it just a hindrance? Collecting rain is creative and it can be used for a variety of things and be more environmentally conscious with your water. What else can you do with all that extra rain water? What can you do with the rain water you get? Are there benefits collecting rain? If you’ve asked those questions read on. 

Rain Barrels and Rain Storage:

Rain storage can range from very simple to incredibly intricate and even expensive too. Saving water can be very beneficial for home owners and irrigation experts. For home owners you can use rain barrels, buckets that you have around the house, and more complex systems depending on the amount of water you need and what you are using that water for. From a basic home owners perspective the rain barrel is the most popular option. They usually come in sizes of 50 gallons to 100 gallons. Rain barrels come in many shapes and sizes so they not only offer functionality but they also offer decorative appeal too.

Some Rain Water Uses:

They can start paying for themselves if you use them regularly. Some benefits would be: 

  • Offering a free source of clean water
  • You can water your plants during a dry spell
  • Clean your house with rain water
  • Clean your car using rain water 
  • Refill your pool during a dry spell
  • Refilling your fountain or pond
  • Extra water if you have water limitations in your region

General Maintenance Tips:

While rain water uses are plentiful, here are few general tips to maintaining your rain barrel. 

  • Take precautions not to make your water storage into a mosquito breeding ground by getting a cover for it. 
  • Clean out your rain barrel when it is not in use. This ties into cleaning your gutters and downspouts 
  • Remove leaves and debris from your barrel, gutter, and downspout. 
  • Make sure to fix any holes in your barrel’s filter screen if you have a filter screen. 
  • Make sure to watch for any leaks in your barrel. 
  • Empty your barrel in the winter months so it doesn’t 

Rain barrels can be very beneficial to you and your home when you take care of them. Regular use will help your rain barrel live a long life.

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