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How To Spot Issues With Surface Water Drainage Early

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A concern with how water is drained away from your home will become a big cost unless you quickly identify and fix the problem.

As a homeowner, water can certainly be your greatest enemy. It can create issues inside and outside your house, especially if your current guttering is not designed to withstand the amount of water you receive, the downspouts are not big enough, or the gutters are not adequately maintained. Here are some signs of surface water drainage system issues to help eliminate issues and to spot those already present, which will warn you when it is time to get your gutters inspected, fixed, or replaced.

Paint Peeling

Do you see paint bubbling or the siding or wood peeling off? Take a good look at the whole of your house. This may be an indication of a concern with the gutter. If your gutters do not work as they should, water in places that you don’t want the water to get into can build up or overflow, creating possible problems.

This can mean that water flows down the sides of the house as opposed to being drawn out by the gutters. As expected, surface water drainage does not get away from your house. This is very popular with gutter leaks or guttering that is poorly mounted. Instead, it flows down the side, seeping through the wood trim and filtering into the earth around your home’s base. This could cause much more serious problems with the base if the problem is not taken care of.

Cracks on the Wall

We don’t even have flood basements to be a concern with, but even here, water damage can be observed. Small cracks form settlement and age are very common, but any larger cracks can mean trouble. To check the foundation field, walk around your house. Do you find any cracks which are larger or growing? Because of poor drainage, this may be caused by unnecessary water being drained straight into the wall. Your gutters might be ineffective, obstructed, or even destroyed.

Water Around Your Foundation

Last but not least- right after the next rainstorm, check around the perimeter of your house. Can you see the base puddling around with water? Affected surface water drainage system will compromise your base in many respects, so it’s vital to get your gutter system, like your downspouts and fascia, inspected by pros like ours.

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